6+1 Tips To Writing Kickass Blog Titles

If you are reading this because the title “6+1 Tips To Writing Kickass Blog Titles ” got you interested, I would advise you to continue reading.

Titles are the second most important part of a blog post, after the content itself.

Before we can go any further I need to ask you but one question. What do you do when you see mediocre blog titles in a google search result? If it was me I would skip that result and click on the next one (if it had a better title). I think it’s safe to say that you would do the same.

If you don’t write great blog titles this will happen to you as well. Don’t worry, not for any longer. Here are 7 tips to writing your very own kickass blog titles:


  • BrainstormBrainstorm like hell

Before you can start creating your very own kickass blog titles you first need a mediocre one to optimize. I would advise that you do this after you have written your post. The reason for this, is due to the change of direction your post undergoes while writing it. By creating your title at the end, you will know exactly what you have written about and how to promote your content truthfully.


  • Don’t lie

This may sound like a simple tip. One that shouldn’t even be in this list. But there are so many people out there who get carried away when trying to optimize their blog titles.

Once again, this may sound like something I am making up, but it’s completely true. It happened to me while trying to come up with a title for this post.


There are two main reasons why you should not lie when creating blog titles:

  • Decrease in view time and increase in your page’s bounce rate

I am a man who lives by statistics. This is how I know whether my posts are good or whether they need to improve.

If the stats don’t matter to you, you can skip this section completely. But if they do, which they should, you need to continue reading.

  • Decrease in sales

Decreasing sales

By writing misleading or false topics you lure a potential customer to your website. Yes!!! You got one extra view!!! The downside is that it all stops there. The customer doesn’t read your content, and worst of all doesn’t click any links. This may not sound to bad if you are only in it for the views, but to the many of you out there who want to make money with their blog, this is a big setback.

You need to write blog titles that tell your client exactly what he will get when clicking on the link. This is the only possible way you will be able to make that sale.


  • Adjectives are your friends

Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in a sentence. They exist in all languages across the world, for one specific reason. Whether they are explanatory or emotionally driven, they make the reader feel more involved in the text.

Use this to your advantage. If you are writing about tips for a specific subject, you can make it sound a bit more compelling by over exaggerating or using words that play with people’s emotions.

Let’s use money as an example. When you write an article about making money, “How to make money”, you can modify it to play with people’s emotions and make it more ‘click worthy’. For example, “How to make buckets of money”. No, bucket isn’t really an adjective, but for this example it will be.

I know that this doesn’t sound like much, but if you had to choose one, which one would it be?


  • Keep it short

This might be the most difficult part of writing kickass blog titles, especially if you have written an article about a very specific, long tailed, topic.

Writing long titles that explain exactly what your article is about might sound like a great idea, but what happens when it appears in google search results? If the title is to long it will get cut off. People won’t be able to read the entire title and decide to move on to the next search result. Even if you write a brilliant title, people still won’t click it.

Bye, bye organic traffic.

The trick with writing a short title is to make it as visual as possible with a limited amount of words. Remember what I said about adjectives? That they are used to modify a person or thing in a sentence? Well, modify your title by using adjectives. When I used the word bucket in the example it made the title a lot more visual. All by adding just one adjective.


  • Optimize it for social mediasocial media

Writing short blog titles for google search results is challenging, but writing them for social media platforms has its own unique set of challenges.

Everyone has at least one social media account, whether it is for personal or business purposes. So, you have probably seen the amount of space each post in your feed gets? Not a lot at all.

If you want to increase the amount of traffic your blog posts get through social media you will need to optimize your titles. To do this you will need to shorten them and make them even more visual.

Again, you will need to use adjectives, but you need to use them wisely.

Choosing any adjective for your title is a very easy process. The challenge, is to choose the one with the biggest impact. For this reason, you will need to make a list of all the possible adjectives you can use. Edit each one of them into your title and read them out loud. While doing this you are able to recognize which might work and which definitely won’t.


  • Ask a friend

After you have incorporated all of the tips mentioned above into your title you need to show it to a friend. Ask that friend what he/she thinks about your title and what you need to change to make it sound better. The most important part of this step is that your friend needs to read your blog post first before you start discussing the title.

Another reason you need to ask a friend is because he/she isn’t as emotionally invested as you are. You need someone with an objective mindset going through your work before making it live. Your friend will have that objective mindset you need. He/she will also be able to view your work exactly like all of your blog’s visitors will. By letting your friend give you tips beforehand you will be spared the embarrassment of your blog’s visitors pointing out your mistakes.


  • Use a set formula (this is your +1)

Everyone wants a formula for everything. And I have a formula for you.

The reason I put this right at the bottom of the page is because I wanted you to read all of the above first to understand the importance of great titles and how to make them.

This is a formula you can use if you struggle with the tips listed above.

The formula:

Use numbers

When using odd numbers like 17 and 33 in a blog title it makes your title look more interesting and increases it’s ‘click worthiness’.

Use adjectives

As mentioned above, adjectives provide a way to manipulate emotions and better explain the context of your post. All of these benefits by using only one word.

Use unique rationale

Using words such as “facts”, “principles” and “reasons” will make your title look more professional, while using words such as “ideas”, “tips” and “tricks” will make your title look more entertaining. If possible, please don’t ever use the word “things” in a title. PLEASE!!!

Make audacious promises

Promise your readers something valuable. What you want to do is to dare them to read the article. Give them reasons to click your title.

Try this formula

Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise

If the main keyword of your post is “making money online” you could write an article entitled, “How to make money online” or “Why I love making money online”

Or you can use the formula and make it: “33 Amazing facts you can make money online while you sleep.”


People don’t want to be tricked into reading something boring; they want to be drawn into something exciting. Make it worth their while.

Don’t rush the process of writing a kickass title to get your post up on your blog earlier. Take your time and choose wisely. Take all the variables into consideration and then pick the one that describes your content in an honest, yet attractive way.

Your readers won’t regret it and neither will you.


Before we’re done I would just like to give credit to Jeff Goins, author of GoinsWiter for his title writing formula.


If you can think about any other tips that weren’t mentioned above please let me know in the comments down below.




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