11 Awesome Methods to Increase Quality Backlinks

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links to your site, found on other sites across the web.

They present various benefits, the biggest one being the way they help you rank in search engines. Google favors posts with a huge number of backlinks. In their eyes, backlinks equal great quality content.

Another benefit backlinks present is their ability to drive traffic to your site. This is what they call passive traffic, meaning you don’t need to do anything. The author linking to you does all the hard work for you (writing, promoting and networking) while you get the free residual traffic that’s being redirected through your backlink to your site.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was that easy driving traffic?

Well it could be. Therefore, you need to start focusing your efforts on increasing the amount of your sites backlinks.

Here are 11 Awesome Methods to Increase Quality Backlinks:


Blog directories

Everybody wants to increase their blog’s exposure. You can do this by submitting your blog to directories. The benefit of submitting your blog to a directory is that you get your published work in front of a different group of readers.

Another benefit is that directory traffic is very targeted. This will lead to an increase in your contents click through rate.

If it’s this easy why isn’t everyone doing it. Well, it was quite popular back in the day but due to recent google algorithm changes it doesn’t favor backlinks from these sites as much as it used to. I know this is a major let down but it’s still worth the shot.

The thing I like most about submitting to article directories is how easy it is, especially after successfully submitting for the first time.

Blog directories are basically free traffic. Even if you don’t get as much backlinks as you’d like, you still get your content in front of a big group of people. The chance of some of those readers being influential is good, which will be to your advantage in the near future.


Get interviewed or quoted

You need to start creating exceptionally well written content. I don’t think there is one article about something related to blogging that I’ve read which doesn’t mention this. But once again, I am going to add it to my post, just to keep the streak going that the blogging gods have initiated.

Creating quality content has many perks. The main perk being discussed in this post is that it gives you the ability to get links back to it.

If you constantly provide excellent content you can get a chance to be interviewed by another blog. You benefit when the author links back to your blog in his post.

Another method you can initiate is to go about asking bloggers to interview you. Now this may not be as effective as them asking you, but with enough persuasion anything is possible. I have not personally tried it out yet, but my logic tells me that if it works for others, the chance of it working for you is possible.

Another method to get interviewed is to take part in a case study hosted by a popular blog. During this case study, you should dedicate a segment on your blog to your findings and results. If you reach out to the author you can become a part of his success story. By doing this you help him, and he will return the favour by linking back to your site.


Try guest blogging

Guest blogging might seem like a daunting task at first. But the possible exposure will be worth it.

Finding blogs looking for guest posts isn’t as difficult as it was in the past. All you need to do is do a simple google search and ‘voila’, there you have it. A list of blogs you can submit your guest posting requests to. I have made it even easier for you and found this blog post put together by the content creators at ShoutMeLoud.com containing a list of blogs accepting guest posts.

You have probably heard this before on the thousands of other blogs in my niche, but you need to build a relationship with these blog owners. You can do this by becoming a frequent contributor to their blog. By doing this you show that you truly care about their blog and that you aren’t just writing for the backlink.

This tip might sound a bit strange, but you need to post your best content during your guest posting gigs. The reason for this is due to the fact that you post to blogs with much greater authority and higher standards. The only way you can attract their visitors to your site is by writing extraordinary content. Content that is so great that it stands out above the publishing blog’s content.


Image attributions

You can use this method if you are someone who likes taking your own pictures for your blog.

After you have submitted your pictures and your posts to your blog you can repurpose those photos by submitting them to creative commons image directories. What these are, are basically galleries filled with pictures that anyone can use for free. The catch is, and this is where you get that backlink you so dearly want, is that the user needs to give you (the rightful owner) credit in the form of a link to your site.

There is an easy way to get a free backlink to your site if you are using this method:

  • Copy a picture from your blog, paste it in googles’ search bar and hit enter.
  • You will be able to see all the instances where the picture appears online.
  • Find the instance where your picture is used but not properly attributed.
  • Ask the author to fix it and link back to your blog.


Track mentions

For this method, I prefer to use the Fresh Web Explorer. It gives you the ability to see all the mentions of a certain phrase anywhere across the web.

As you know by now, most bloggers tend to link to other blogs in their posts. Mainly to give their readers more value and secondly to help them while ranking in googles’ search engine.

Although there are a lot of bloggers who don’t necessarily link to you, they mention you in their blog posts. This is where the Fresh Web Explorer tool comes in handy. It helps you find those mentions.

What you need to do is do a scan of a certain phrase. Something like your name or the name of your blog. The tool will locate all of these instances where you were mentioned. Unfortunately, this is where the hard work starts. You will need to head on over to the website you were mentioned in and check if they linked to you. If they didn’t you should send the author an email requesting to add a link to the mention.


Ask people you know

What? You must be kidding me? It can’t possibly be this easy?

No, I’m not. It really can be this easy. In fact, it is.

Everybody has a friend or a relative that owns a blog or website. Why not ask them to give you a free backlink on their site. I’m not talking about hidden links. Those are actually illegal. Ask them to link back to your blog and its content when necessary.

What if the website isn’t that great?

Well, you should still ask for a backlink. Why? Even though Google favors backlinks from blogs and websites with higher domain authority it won’t hurt your ranking when starting out.

The more backlinks you can get to your site when starting, the better. Focus on building more quality backlinks as time progresses and your blog becomes more popular.


Comment on other blogs

I’ve mentioned this in another post of mine as well “Promote Your Blog: 26 Sure Fire Ways To Increase Blog Traffic”. But once again, here goes.

The reason you started a blog is because you are interested in that certain topic. How do you spend most of your time while online? My best guess would be reading content (blog posts) related to your own blog.

What I usually do after reading a blog post is either click on a related post, or close the window. By doing that I lose a chance to get a free backlink to my site.

Instead of exiting the page after reading it you could leave a comment to let the author know what you thought of their post. Whether it is good or bad, any comments help. While you’re at it, why not leave a relevant link to a post on your site as well.

In the previous post, I mentioned that you shouldn’t leave a link in the comment, mainly due to the fact that a lot of your comments will be marked as spam. So, this is where you need to make the decision yourself. Either leave a link in the comment and have the chance of getting marked as spam, or leave a valuable comment and have a link to your blog in your signature.


Broken link checking

The internet is full of broken links. Today we’re going to find them to help us get an easy backlink.

How exactly can I do this?

Well, first of all you will need a broken link finder. Screaming Frog’s Broken Link Checker will help you with finding links in a site that don’t work. In other words, we will be searching for links displaying the 404-code.

A popular method to find broken links is to first find a domain name that has changed or underwent some recent restructuring. A simple google search will show who and where these sites or pages are.

Scan the links for content that will fit into your blog which won’t be that difficult to create. Pop that link into the  Fresh Web Explorer Backlink finder to see who linked to it.

Visit these blogs and create a list to where you can link your newly written post to.

Send personalized emails to the authors of the variable sites. In the email, you should inform them about the broken link on their blog post. At the same time, you need to mention your blog post which is a perfect fit to the original link’s content. Finally, you need to ask them to replace the broken link with your new and improved link.

The success rate of applying this method is remarkably high, somewhere in the range of 30% to 35%. This might not sound like that much, but you need to remember that you are playing a numbers game. The broken link is present on more than one sites, so you won’t be sending only one email. One broken link of a well-known blog might have hundreds of backlinks. Do the math and you will realize the results are great for the amount of effort you need to put it.


Create quality content that’s backlink worthy

All of the methods mentioned above are manual backlinking methods, now for the automated ones.

The greater your content the greater the chance of someone linking back to it. It’s as simple as that. So, before you hit that submit button, think to yourself, “Is this the best version of this post I could possibly write?” If the answer is yes, by all means, hit that button. But if your answer is no, or even a maybe you should be going back to the drawing boards.

You need to create quality content that is backlink worthy. This won’t be an easy process. But the end result will definitely be worth it.


Benefit from content scrapers

The internet is filled with them. These are the people who illegally copy and paste content from your blog onto their own. Some people might see them as a nuisance, while for others this is a sign of reaching the top.

One thing is for certain. These duplicate content posts have negative effects on your page rankings. So how can you stop it? Well, the answer to that question is, you can’t.

If you can’t stop them, join them. I’m not talking about becoming a scraper. But there is a method to making the best out of these situations. INTERLINKING YOUR POSTS.

Many content scrapers copy content from your blog and directly post it over to theirs without editing it one bit. Use this to increase your backlink count by interlinking between relevant posts on your blog. Each interlink will earn you another backlink.

Add links to your images for safety. Experienced content scrapers will remove the links on your post and add his own. Image links are usually forgotten, which make them another source of backlinks.


Try out reverse guest posting

Everyone knows about the traditional guest posting method. You get a chance to write a guest post on someone else’s blog that has a lot more viewers. Throughout the post you link to your blog in the hopes that someone will click your link and land on one of your blog pages.

But have you heard of reverse guest posting?

Instead of asking blogs to guest post on THEIR sites, you ask guest bloggers to post on YOURS.

Reach out to possible guest bloggers and give them the chance to post to your blog.

Instead of asking to guest post, round up a list of people you know are looking for guest posting opportunities and give them one to write for your blog.

This method has three main benefits. Firstly, you get more content posted to your blog, which benefits you, but mostly benefits your readers. And secondly, you get a backlink to your site when the guest publisher promotes his work in his blog.

Lastly, you build relationships. In case you haven’t noticed it yet, but relationships in the blogging world are extremely important. Building relationships with guest posters can help increase the amount of contributions they make to your site, which will have an effect on the amount of content on your blog as well as traffic being driven to it.


I hope these tips will help you to increase backlinks to your blog. Now it’s your turn – let me know what you backlink generating methods you use on your blog in the comments down below.


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