How to increase social media traffic to your blog

Increasing social media traffic really isn’t that hard.

How much time do you spend on social media throughout the day? Probably a lot?

Why not use that time to your advantage and increase your blog traffic in the process?

You might think that it will take the fun out of the entire social media thing, but guess what? It doesn’t. You can still do on social media what you normally do, but this time you are just going to implement some tweeks.

Follow these tips below to learn to increase your social media traffic while enjoying yourself at the same time.


The importance of using images

When people hear or read random information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% thereof  three days later.

This is a scary statistic, right?

Not only will people retain the information longer, they are also more likely to click on a pretty picture. It is a well-known fact that images get more impressions, but a recent study revealed that posts with images get 650% more engagement than the normal text posts.

An awesome tip when creating your own images is editing in your logo. Not only will it show that you create your own pictures it will also help ingrain your blog’s name into the memory of your social media followers.

Now this will not lead to an immediate social media traffic increase, but it will help you in the long run.

My personal favourite image editing program to use is It literally has everything you could possibly need to create awesome images to generate traffic. The program is free to use, but your options are limited. The biggest benefit of using Canva to me is that I can use my own images in the editing process. For those of you who don’t have access to high quality images Canva gives you the option of buying images on the site.


Increase your content’s sharing ability

After creating images, you share them to your social media profiles. It doesn’t end here.

If you think that only one post will increase social media traffic to your site think again. Social media is made to interact with others. The way we do it is to share the things we like with our following or friends.

Even one share can increase your post’s reach dramatically. So why not focus on making it easier for your content to be shared.

How can I increase the shareability of my posts?

For starters, you can focus on increasing the mobile compatibility of your blog. Research shows that nearly 60% of online searches are being done by mobile devices. If I look at my blog’s stats I can support these statistics. Exactly 45,3% of my blog’s traffic comes from mobile devices. Now I know that this might not sound like that much but think of the amount of traffic your site gets when you deduct the mobile device traffic. Those are some scary numbers.

Another method to increase the number of possible shares your content can get is by installing social media share buttons and plugins onto your blog.

When I started out my blog displayed almost all the social sharing buttons to all the social media sites you can imagine. After doing some research I found that I was actually doing my blog more harm than good.

You might think that having more sharing buttons on your page will increase your shares, but this is not true. The more sharing buttons you have present the less shares you tend to get. Why is that? Because your reader doesn’t know which ones to choose from. In the end, he/she won’t choose any of them.

In short, you can increase the amount of shares your content gets by decreasing the amount of social sharing buttons on your site. Pick a few (roughly three or four) and stick to them.



Getting readers to your site

After writing your content and optimizing your blog for social media sharing, now what? You need to start getting readers to your blog.

Many people think that they can write blog posts and leave it up to fate to drive traffic to it. This is not the case. Getting traffic to your site takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Even though the following method isn’t directly related to social media it plays a big part in largening your social media presence.


Here are some scary facts according to imFORZA regarding the importance of SEO

  • For Google, 18% of organic clicks go to the #1 position, 10% of organic clicks go to the #2 position and 7% of organic clicks go to the #3 position
  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results

After seeing this, can you see how important it is to focus on SEO?

If you aren’t exactly sure what to do regarding SEO on your blog I have written another post specifically for this. 10 Strategies to Optimize SEO For Your Blog will help you rank your blog on the first page for your target search results.

Writing great content is another method to increase your social media traffic. I know, this doesn’t sound right, but hear me out. Great content encourages sharing.

The better your content is written the more your readers will love it. The more they love it the greater is the chance of them sharing it. The more your content gets shared the more people see it. And the process repeats.

Not only should your content be well written, your headlines well-crafted and sharp.

Cathy headlines encourage click throughs, not only in search results but on social media platforms as well. Combine catchy headlines and extraordinary images and you hit the motherload of social media traffic.

Choosing the right headline can be a very time-consuming task. Not only will it take up a lot of your time, after you are done you don’t always know if the one you chose was the best choice. This is why CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer comes in handy. You paste your headline into the designated bar and the analyser will do the rest. Here is a screenshot. “Writing catchy headlines” was the headline that I’ve tested.

Even though you have this handy tool in your toolbox, writing great headlines can still be a daunting task. Following the steps set out in this post will help you to create the perfect headline, 6+1 Tips to Writing Kickass Blog Titles.



Post at the right times

I can’t stress enough how important this is to increase social media traffic to your blog.

Your posting times will mean the difference between getting 100 views and 10,000 views. Not only is it important to increase your original amount of traffic but it also plays a major role in the amount of times your content gets shared.

Luckily for you most social media platforms give you the pleasure of having your profile’s analytics at the tips of your fingers.

By using your platform analytics, you can figure out at which times of the day and which days of the week your followers are most active. Use this data to set up a publishing schedule.

Yes, you should still post to your social media accounts directly after publishing to your blog. This will generate traffic to the newly published blog post. Thereafter you should start publishing your content at fixed intervals (this topic will be covered later on in this post) and at the right publishing times as set out in your platform’s analytics.



Continuously engage with your followers

How many professional social media profiles have you seen who only promote their own content?

I can truthfully say that I haven’t seen a lot of them at all. Why is that? Because in order to constantly give value to your followers you will need to have more content.

No! You can’t just repost your own content over and over again. No one likes it. And I can guarantee you that your followers won’t like it too.

Be sure to share relevant content from other blogs in your niche to your social media profiles. I have mentioned in a previous post the importance of relationships in the blogging world. By promoting content of other blog’s, you are building those relationships. This might sound weird, but if you help out a fellow blogger by promoting his content, the chance of him returning the favour is pretty high.

Promoting content on your blog is very important to building a social media following. The key to building a highly engaged following quickly is consistency.

Even though consistent posting is very important, in the past people have dismissed it due to lack of time. Yes, consistent posting does take a lot of time if you do it by hand. But luckily we have programs to our disposal that can make this job a lot easier.

A popular social media post scheduling program like Buffer can save you a lot of time. Buffer also helps to identify ideal times to post for each of the social media platforms it supports. The biggest benefit of using a program like this one is the ability it gives you to plan your posts ahead of time. After your schedule is set Buffer automatically posts to your social media platforms.

Pinterest is my personal favourite social media platform to generate traffic. It is basically an image search engine. Therefore, creating breath taking images are compulsory. Like all other social media platforms consistent sharing of your own and other blogger’s content is very important. To keep my pinning schedule consistent, I use Tailwind. After choosing the pinning schedule and scheduling your pins using the Tailwind plugin you are done. Tailwind will do the rest.


Final words

There are a lot of social media sites and one would think that it’s important to be active on all of them. You need to be present but not necessarily active. Spreading yourself thin across all social media platforms won’t help you at all. Instead choose one social media platform and focus all your time and energy on becoming an expert. I’m not saying you should only pick one and stick with it straight to the end, no. After becoming an expert in one, move on. Automate the previous social media platform and focus all your energy at becoming an expert in the next one. And the process continues.

One thing that I have learned is how quickly you realize which platforms work best for driving traffic to your blog. When that has happened, you won’t want to spend time on other platforms.

Continually analyse your social media platforms and do more of what works and eliminate what doesn’t.


Now it’s your turn. Tell me about which methods you use to increase your social media traffic in the comments down below. Also be sure to subscribe to my mailing list to get posts straight to your inbox.





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